Why I'm Still Glad John McCain Lost in 2008

Our country is in crisis. Not the kind of crisis liberals invent out of mid air but the kind that results from the implementation of their policies and brings a country to its knees (and proves the president a rank amateur and many of the legislators unsuited for office). We are in debt, we have an energy crisis, we have high unemployment, and we’re more worried about whether our enemies think we’re nice that we are with crushing them with our military might.

In a word: times are crazy.

Yet in the middle of all this, I can honestly say I’m still glad John McCain lost.

If you think I’m wrong, just think back to last week, when we were praying conservatives in the House would stand their ground instead of giving in to the establishment and voting for Speaker Boehner’s bill. For standing on their principles, McCain referred to them as “hobbits” and said that theirs “is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate nominees.”

For the record, does he not know how much better off we’d be if Angle and O’Donnell had won? (Who wouldn’t trade ten McCains for one Angle and one O’Donnell?)

Please keep in mind that McCain spent every waking moment of his 2010 Senate re-election campaign appealing to the Tea Party for support, claiming he has always been conservative, and campaigning for Angle and other Tea Party candidates.

Yes – he campaigned for her. (He’s as fake as a Milli Vanilli song.)

This is the same McCain who supported the “terrorists’ bill of rights” in 2005: a bill that undercut President George W. Bush’s ability to interrogate enemy combatants who could have led us to people that wanted to catch Americans, tie them up, and cut off their heads on camera. He’s the same McCain that recently traveled to the Middle East with John Kerry to look for ways to justify sending untold millions of American dollars to Egypt as a part of a 21st century “Marshall Plan.” And yes, he’s the same McCain who continues to oppose drilling for oil in the rock quarry located in ANWR.

He’s the same McCain who supported amnesty in 2005, 2006, and 2007, through the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. And it’s worth noting that in supporting the act in 2006, he also “voted for the Manager’s Amendment (SA 4188), which essentially removed the [requirement for] the border fence from” the legislation.

Remember – this is the guy who opposed the Bush tax-cuts while Bush was president and who continues to salivate at the thought of shutting down the gun show loophole (which is liberal speak for “finding a way to make it harder for average Americans to buy and sell guns”). He suddenly became pro-Bush tax cut when running for the presidency but never could get over his desire to rid us of the gun show loophole.

That’s your Maverick folks. He thinks we’re “hobbits” for sticking to our principles, and maybe that’s because he’s accustomed to changing his every six years (when he runs for re-election to the Senate) or during that rare campaign season when the White House was his goal.

To see him turn now and backstab Angle, O’Donnell, and the whole of the Tea Party is to see him as he really is.

I’m still glad McCain lost folks, and I mean it. The only good thing he would have brought to DC was Sarah Palin, and she can still get there without help from the likes of him.


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