John King Isn't a Republican, So Why Should He Pick Our Candidate?


Have you ever been told to settle for something you weren’t happy with or to ‘just deal’ with the hand you’d been dealt because … well, it is what it is?

Yeah. I’ve been dealing with that a lot lately – especially when the talk turns to politics. So it comes as no surprise that while I was enjoying my manicure earlier this week, CNN’s John King was smugly billowing orders to all Conservatives and Republicans alike to stop complaining and get used to the current Republican Presidential Candidate field.

King, who by his very nature gets on every last nerve in my body, went on to spout his wisdom by indignantly proclaiming ‘this is the hand you’re dealt and these candidates are what you have to work with.’ One could almost see the smile playing on the edge of his lips as he foresaw the future – the future of another four years of Obama-Nation …

Hum. Is this really OK? Are we stuck with what we got out there now? After the last several debates, I’d say the option of having a super-candidate to defeat the current Presidential Disaster is slim … but not hopeless. Never. Ever. Hopeless.

See, this is where we Conservatives – and a lot of Republicans – differ from the gloom and doom of our liberal counterparts. Some might call it always ‘believing the grass is greener on the other side’ or wanting something we see as not possible (i.e., Chris Christie entering the race … But what’s up with this new announcement? Can’t the drama end soon?). But it’s not. It’s simply knowing what is possible and fully understanding what we want in a candidate.

Right now, it may not seem any one candidate fits the bill for our total agenda – i.e., Perry’s lax immigration policy; Ron Paul’s older than a dinosaur; Gary Johnson, being from a state most people don’t even realize is even a state (hey, I am from NM and people still ask me if I am from MEXICO when I say NEW MEXICO) …and Mitt Romney’s joke called RomneyCare … And let’s not forget Bachmann … whose main strike against her is lack of experience and her inability to let a subject just drop (you won’t ever hear me say her biggest issue is she’s a woman … because it’s just not. A Conservative woman in a place of power can perform miracles … I believe it truly.).

So do we settle? Well, that’s not the American way, is it? In fact, we are taught throughout history that settling gets you communism, socialism and slavery.

Settling for the status quo politically in this country does not advance our society, it stifles it and in some cases like Obama — can destroy what was so painstakingly built from centuries of blood, sweat and human sacrifice — all to achieve the socialist’s utopian ideology. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ lyrics couldn’t better describe their ultimate agenda.

Settling for what you know NOT to be best for God and Country allows laziness to take over and passion, desire and creativity to become stifled, squashed and virtually absent in present society.

Therefore, we don’t have to settle. What we have to do is let our current field of candidates know, every chance we get, what we expect of them and what we want them to stand for when in office. We’re the people and WE have the power. Without us – the Conservative classes and the Tea Party backing – these candidates can’t win. So if we don’t like the drivel they’re offering up at the furry of televised debates, then let’s tell them!

What would you rather have: a candidate who consistently preaches about a weak policy or one who, after listening to the people, aligns his policies and ideas with that of the majority he wants to serve? This is not wishy-washy. This is powerful leadership, discernment and wisdom.

One of the first things you learn in management class is how a good manager adapts HIS or HER management style to what’s most effective for his or her TEAM. A good manager listens and makes changes accordingly to accomplish a common goal and achieve greatness within the confines of what’s being asked. This is done through wise council and discernment.

As people evolve, gather information and learn, their opinions change. It is our job as a group of rational, common sense-minded Conservatives to let our field of candidates know what we like, dislike and what we want to see changed in their stances. The candidates as they are may not be everything we want them to be, but if one chooses to listen and adapt, then maybe there’s a diamond in the current roughage.

Apart of being able to remove our favorite attributes from each candidate and create a super-nominee, what choice do we really have than to work with what we have and demand our voices be heard?

We’ve settled for almost four years. We’ve settled for mediocrity, absurdity and un-American behavior in our White House and it’s time for us to travel over to the other side … where for sure, the grass is greener … but we can only get there if we travel together and push this flailing cart of misfit candidates up the hill as one unified voice.

How do we do that? For one, we don’t let the media tell us why we can’t. We don’t let the democrat-voting, leftist media show us why our candidates are weak and hopeless. We already know what they think just by virtue of being in the media – which, by nature is 95 percent democrat-voting.

This is or election, not theirs. And we already know who they’re going to support. So why even go there?

Let’s figure out what we want. How we want it done and let them know. Get involved in groups. Make your presence known at the local level and become active in your tea party/Conservative organizations…Our election needs our voice and our input. How else are we going to make this happen?

Oh and then CNN’s John King can choke on the hand WE’RE gonna deal HIM and the rest of progressives who want us to fold and push back from the table in defeat.

For the record, this girl doesn’t play that way … We’re in it to win it.


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