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The More the Hippies Protest Wall Street, the Lower Obama's Numbers Get


So the hippies are still hunkered down by Wall Street. Like their hero Bill Ayers (aka, President Obama’s terrorist buddy), they are admitted anti-capitalists who want more government-sponsored wealth redistribution, education recognized as a human right, and cradle-to-grave healthcare at no cost to the one receiving the healthcare.

That’s right, regardless of the claims to “Occupy Wall Street” in order to protest alleged financial wrong-doing (which is just leftist jargon for “shame on you for making a profit”), the real impetus because the gathering of these dirty hippies is union-sponsored socialism.

And President Obama is encouraging it.

That’s right, our sitting president is cheering the hippies on as they shut down traffic, drag their tarps from corner to corner, defecate who knows where, and dance in the streets with signs about the supposed wonders of socialism.

Not so ironically, the president’s already low poll numbers have fallen even further with these fine, upstanding citizens occupying our streets. (I guess they’re citizens, but to honest, the way Soros and Obama work, who knows?)

For example, the Gallup poll released on Friday, October 7, showed his approval rating at a miserable 38% and the disapproval numbers at an overwhelming 58%. (I could be wrong, but I think even Jimmy Carter laughed at those numbers.)

Nevertheless, on the same day that the Gallup poll was released, President Obama stood behind a podium at the White House and told Americans: “I think [Occupy Wall Street] expresses the frustrations that the American people feel. …People are frustrated and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.”

Note to President Obama: It’s not working.

We went to Bill Ayers webpage and read the declaration by “the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square” (aka, the dirty hippies blocking traffic), and we know this is not about problems with our financial system. Rather, it’s about generations upon generations who have been conditioned to stretch out an empty hand and have government put a check in it.

I personally hope the hippies keep protesting and that Obama keeps publicly encouraging them do so. For if they do, and if he does, the American people will vote against socialism and hippies by voting against Obama in droves come 2012.


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