Alleged NYU Prof Encourages #OWS Protesters to Bring Down Capitalism


In this YouTube video posted by TheRightScoop here, an unnamed individual said to be a professor at New York University can be seen encouraging protesters to bring down Capitalism.

“If we get rid of the board of directors, if we get rid of the major shareholders, the machines will still be there. The factory will not move. The workers will have all the skills. We will produce just fine.”

A bit later in the short video, he goes on, “We have the people. We have the plan. And the obstacle is a tiny minority.”

While making a point of naming “Capitalism” as the enemy, he encourages the confiscation of wealth and the taking of private property in the cause of a system he, curiously enough, does not seem to name.

Why is that, I wonder? If, as he alleges, those that embrace Capitalism in America are the minority, this may also be the first time an NYU professor has ever been caught on video as being against one.


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