Meet The Occupy Leaders: Anti-Israel Muhammed Malik Of Occupy Miami

Muhammed Malik, a leader and spokesman for Occupy Miami, has extensive ties to pro-Palestine groups that some see as creating a false front for anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiments. Malik is described in this interview from October 13th as “one of Occupy Miami’s main hustlers, helping in various ways to coordinate its imminent occupation.”

Muhammed Malik, right

His resume includes not only a stint at the ACLU but a number of political Muslim and Palestinian groups including executive director of the local chapter of (Hamas-linked) CAIR or Council on American-Islamic Relations, co-chair of the Miami-Dade County Green Party, as well as working with Students for Justice in Palestine.

Apparently, finding a job on the pro-Palestine left is tough these days. According to the Miami Herald:

Muhammed Malik, 29, is a former researcher with Florida’s American Civil Liberties Union who said he was laid off several months ago. Malik and his wife, who works at the University of Miami, support her parents and his ongoing unemployment means they are eking it out pay check to pay check.

Malik, who has a graduate degree, said he has widened his search to jobs for which he is over-qualified.

Mr. Malik is more than qualified for spreading anti-Israeli rhetoric. To his credit, Malik has been filmed stopping two pro-Palestinian activists attempting to intimidate a lone Jewish counter protester. However, another protest organized by Malik did turn violent and one of the pro-Palestine protesters was arrested after an assault took place, as these photos and documents show. Earlier this year, Malik organized a rally called Miami’s Third Intifada Rally for Palestine. Photos show Malik at a rally calling for Israel’s destruction. As this website points out:

“Third Intifada” was the name given to the rally. The term refers to a sequel of two previous violent uprisings — not spontaneous at all, but carefully orchestrated — that were perpetrated by Palestinians against Israelis. The last one took place in the year 2000; over 1000 Israelis were murdered.

The anti-Semitism that’s been part and parcel of the Occupy movement isn’t just about a few people carrying signs, as the occu-defenders claim. There are systemic connections between the anti-Israel movement and the far left elements that are central to organizing Occupy, as our video of Occupy/union direct action trainer Lisa Fithian has shown. As events in the Occupy movement and the “Arab Spring” uprisings merge, it’s a trend to watch for.


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