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BREAKING NEWS on Fast and Furious: Holder Sweats as More Lies Uncovered by Feb. 3rd Memo


As Eric Holder’s December 8th testimony before Congress draws near, more and more lies surrounding Fast and Furious are crumbling to the ground. From new evidence that appears to indicate that President Obama knew about the operation as early as May 2010, and that he gave directives for action against Mexican cartels a year prior (March 2009), to even newer evidence that the DOJ may have “deliberately misled” Congress via a Feb. 4th memo denying the ATF had “‘sanctioned‘ or otherwise knowingly allowed the sale of assault weapons.”

The Feb. 4th memo was written by Assistant Attorney General Ron Weich, and it’s purpose now seems to have been simply to carry water for Holder & Co. It is countered by a newly uncovered memo by ATF Agent Gary Styer, written Feb. 3rd, which talked about how Fast and Furious pushed agents out of their comfort zone, it “divided and isolated” them, and resulted in guns being sold and/or transferred without being adequately followed and/or traced.

In other words, the promise of tracing the thousands of guns sold and then walked via Fast and Furious was a façade. Wrote Styer: “It is unheard of to have an active wiretap investigation without full time dedicated surveillance units on the ground.”

Yet like so many other agents before him, Styer says that when ATF agents complained about the way Fast and Furious was being conducted, those agents’ concerns were “widely disregarded.”

Folks, Holder’s house of cards isn’t just crumbling to the ground, rather, it’s on fire.

There is no end to the number of lies that have been told to cover up the DOJ’s knowledge of and involvement in Fast and Furious, and that means Holder must be held to answer for the crimes associated with this ludicrous operation.

The cover-ups must stop. The excuses must stop. The prosecution must begin.


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