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BREAKING: Senator Grassley Calls for Assistant A.G.'s Resignation from Senate Floor over 'Fast and Furious'


On October 18, 2010, Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer sent communiqués to Attorney General Eric Holder alerting the A.G. that indictments over Fast and Furious could be forthcoming. This alert came on the heels of briefings on Fast and Furious which were sent to Holder at least as early July 2010. Yet although Fast and Furious was the topic of such correspondence and the focus of such briefings, in February 2011 Breuer told Congress he knew nothing about the gun walking tactics which had been used in the operation. His contention was that he only learned of the tactics once Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry had been killed in December 2010.

More recently, however, Breuer has decided he knew about the gun walking aspects of Fast and Furious as early as April 2010. But he continues to carry water for the DOJ by saying that although he knew, he never took the time to tell Holder about the gun walking.

How many lies can these people tell before someone changes the locks on their office doors and takes away their parking credentials?

Senator Charles Grassley, for one, has had enough, and just today officially called for Breuer’s resignation from the Senate floor.

Said Grassley:

The Justice Department had publicly denied to Congress that ATF would ever walk guns. Yet the head of the Criminal Division, [Lanny] Breuer knew otherwise and said nothing.

It is past time for accountability at the senior levels of the Justice Department. That accountability needs to start with…Mr. Breuer. I believe it is time for him to go.

While I view Senator Grassley as a strong ally in the pursuit of justice for the crimes associated with Fast and Furious, and I am grateful for his stand here, I urge him to go further and take whatever steps are necessary to have Breuer handcuffed and frog-marched out of DC immediately.

Breuer lied to Congress, and in so doing, he undermined one aspect of the very system of justice he swore to uphold.


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