Breaking: Copy of ATF Email Wanting More Gun Control in Wake of Fast and Furious


For the better part of a year, I have been saying that the end goal of Fast and Furious was more gun control. Rush Limbaugh has said this, Sean Hannity and other FOX NEWS personalities have said this, and the NRA and Gun Owners of America have said this, among others. (I had a post on Big Government on July 13th dedicated to making this very point.)

Throughout this time, I have had a copy of an email that was sent to me back in March of 2011. It’s an July 2010 email from ATF Special Agent in Charge Mark R. Chait to ATF Supervisor William Newell. It is copied to a third ATF Supervisor, William McMahon. Newell and McMahon were assigned to the Phoenix area at the time (and Phoenix just so happened to be ground zero for Fast and Furious.) In it, Chait asks Newell if he can find enough “anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales.” In other words, Chait was asking whether, in the midst of the flood of new weapons hitting the streets via Fast and Furious, a means could be found to justify more gun control.

And as you know, they found the “anecdotal cases” they wanted to find and used the very long sales associated with Fast and Furious to justify new reporting regulations (aka “gun control” measures) on 8,000 gun dealers throughout four Border States in the U.S. – Arizona, California, Texas, and New Mexico.

Looking at the email again today I thought I’d provide it here for all to see, it seems to be proof positive that more gun control was at least one of the motivations behind Fast and Furious:


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