'Let's Move': A Government Initiative to Lie to Kids

Recently, an aggressive media campaign has been launched by Let’s Move, a government-funded fitness initiative led by Michelle Obama.

As you will see in this TV spot that’s airing, one of many, the message of the Let’s Move campaign is quite simple: Lying to your children is fine because it’s good for them.

Let’s Move should be relabeled Let’s Lie.

Social engineering–for that’s exactly what this is–is not just ineffective but it is evil.

In a sense, we should be glad these commercials are out there. It serves as a wake-up call that Liberal ideology justifies the use of lies, manipulation and let’s face it, a dose of sadism. This insidious mindset pervades the ageing 60’s idealogues’ views of child rearing. It’s a deceitful approach that sabotages good parenting, which must be based on trust and mutual respect.

Instead of a relationship built upon integrity these health autocrats encourage us to manipulate and lie to our children.

This is a paradigm for how the Obama administration views and treats the American public. They are the all-knowing parents and we are the clueless children who will be herded and prodded, by any means necessary, into government mandated programs that are, they assure us, ultimately “good for us.”

The premise that we should seek out guidance from the government on child rearing is one more encroachment on the sanctity of the family aimed at destroying the rights of parents to raise children according to their values.

Under the guise of a smiley, benevolent state, Michelle Obama, Big Sister, is making a bid to lead the ignorant masses to a better life.

And where have we seen that strategy before?

It’s the justification for Obamacare, a Byzantine universe of laws and regulations that is guaranteed to ratchet up the cost of health care, drive physicians out of business, destroy competiton in favor of a government monopoly, and ration medical care especially for the elderly and those afflicted with life threatening illnesses.

It’s also the fuel that sustains every murderous Socialist and Communist regime that’s ever existed, dictatorships whose morality is best summed up thusly: the ends justifies the means.