Occupy Wall Street Rapes: How Many More Victims?

While the media and Democratic establishment continue to laud the #Occupy movement, they ignore the reality of what is going on on the ground — Occupy Wall Street is an extremely small, fractured and ineffective social experiment that is unable to even provide safety for the young, female protesters that it tries to attract. In a chaotic transcript from the January 7 New York General Assembly, it was revealed that one assailant was allegedly responsible for six rapes.

In the posted minutes, anti-rape activist Nan Terrie told the group…

The proposal that I brought was an incident that happened and certain groups did not properly address it or handle it. When we had the park, we had an 18-year-old who got raped. She was drug raped. That individual who raped the 18-year-old raped five other girls in this park. My group dealt with rape victims in the park and still does. We have a court date for the 18-year-old in February. She doesn’t live in this city but she comes here. She was occupying one of the churches. The person that raped her also got out of jail. He was in jail for 30 days, paid $50,000 and he went to the same church the victim was. Keep in mind that victim worked with us and we had a restraining order against that guy. The victim voiced her concern to let them know she didn’t feel safe in that place because of this gentleman. Rather than calling me or other women’s working groups, Housing took it upon themselves to have a jury of about 15 and more people between the victim and the gentleman. And they asked for both them to basically give details out.

Terrie appears to be referring to events that started in October. According to this November 3rd article in The New York Post,

Tonye Iketubosin, 26 — who has been working at the protesters’ makeshift kitchen at Zuccotti Park since last month — was charged yesterday in the sex abuse of an 18-year-old protester in the tent he helped her pitch on Oct. 24, the sources said.

The creeped-out victim told cops that Iketubosin offered to help her put up her tent — and was still inside when she showed up to go to sleep hours later, according to the sources. Despite her furious demands that the sicko get out of her space, Iketubosin allegedly refused — and instead lunged at her, grabbing her thigh and buttocks, the sources said. The enraged protester told cops she was finally able to shove him out of the tent.

The woman told cops about the pervy protester on Tuesday. She said that she knew the man by sight, but had not been acquainted with him before he helped her with her tent.

Iketubosin, who has a sealed juvenile record in Texas, was busted soon afterward. He was arraigned last night, with bail set at $7,500 bond or $5,000 cash. The prosecutor said Iketubosin — who is living with an aunt in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — is a suspect in several rapes in the park.

The Occupy movement is openly disdainful of law enforcement, choosing to cherry pick the elements of the legal system they want to use (such as a restraining order process) while eschewing the parts that they don’t like. the problem is that there collectivist decision-making process doesn’t work. The entire General Assembly transcript is worth reading because it reveals just how convoluted decision-making at Occupy Wall Street has become, with multiple working groups, councils and a consensus process all resulting in a deeply broken system.

Meanwhile, the #Occupy movement actively covers up the crimes committed there to avoid the resulting bad PR. Given the slavish nature of the media coverage they have received, however, the anarchistic occupiers needn’t try too hard.


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