Palin and Gingrich Outraged Over Obama's Apology for Quran Burnings

Both former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich are expressing outrage over President Obama’s apology to Afghan authorities for burned Qurans that were found in a garbage pit on a U.S. military base. A few hours after the president’s apology on Thursday morning, news outlets reported that an Afghan soldier retaliated for the burnings by killing two U.S. soldiers and wounding others.

On her Facebook page, Gov. Palin blasted the president: “Obama apologizes for the inadvertent Quran burning this week; now the U.S. trained and protected Afghan Army can apologize for killing two of our soldiers yesterday.”

Similarly, the former Speaker denounced the president’s formal apology. While campaigning in Washington state, Mr. Gingrich asserted, “It is an outrage that on the day an Afghan soldier murders two American troops, President Obama is the one apologizing.”

He continued:

There seems to be nothing that radical Islamists can do to get Barack Obama’s attention in a negative way and he is consistently apologizing to people who do not deserve the apology of the president of the United States period. And, candidly, if Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, doesn’t feel like apologizing then we should say good bye and good luck, we don’t need to be here risking our lives and wasting our money on somebody who doesn’t care.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One that the apology was “wholly appropriate, given the sensitivities to this issue, the understandable sensitivities.”

So, let’s get this straight: religious sensitivities are taken into consideration for Muslims, some of whom kill American soldiers, but not to American Roman Catholics and those of other faiths whose religious liberty is being trampled upon by the president’s signature healthcare law?

Can we possibly have any greater hypocrisy by the supposed leader of the free world than this? In fact, the president is not defending the United States. We need a former governor and a presidential candidate to do that for us.