Trayvon Martin Shooter A Registered Democrat

Trayvon Martin Shooter A Registered Democrat

Some in the media have tried to connect George Zimmerman to the GOP, but itappears he’s actually connected to theDemocrats:

The individual at the center of the controversial Trayvon Martinshooting is a registered Democrat.George Michael Zimmerman, born Oct. 5, 1983, registered as a Democrat inSeminole County, Fla., in August 2002, according to state voter registrationdocuments.It is unclear whether he voted for President Barack Obama in2008.

Recall that just a couple days ago former DNC spokesperson Karen Finneyannounced on MSNBC that the shooting of Trayvon Martin could be traced backto three of the four GOP presidential nominees:

So, when Newt Gingrich, presidential candidate Newt Gingrichsays that, quote, “really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have nohabits of working and have nobody around them who works. They have no habitof I do this and you give me cash, unless it’s illegal,” or Rick Santorumsays, “I don’t want to make black people’s lives easier,” … or Mitt Romneysays nothing at all, the effect is dangerous because they reinforce andvalidate old stereotypes that associate the poor and welfare as criminalbehavior with African-Americans and people of color, calling us lazy,undeserving recipients of public assistance. In the case of Trayvon, thosefestering stereotypes had lethal consequences.

I noted in a previous piece that the coverage of this case wasreminiscent of the rush to judgment after Tucson. Once again we see the sameprogressive element desperate to blame a tragic shooting on the right. Onceagain the facts are coming out little by little and revealing the left’snarrative to be self-serving nonsense.


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