Media Matters Fights War on Christians

Media Matters Fights War on Christians

CBN News has uncovered Media Matters for America’s foundational IRS documents – and they show that Media Matters was constructed as a weapon against Christians. According to its application for non-profit status, it was created in order to counter pro-Christian “bias in news reporting and analysis by the American media”:

It is common for news and commentary by the press to present viewpoints that tend to overly promote … a conservative, Christian-influenced ideology.

Yet, as Vince Coglianese of the Daily Caller points out, the public mission of MMFA somehow leaves out that little tidbit of information.

That’s typical. The real agenda of MMFA is to cover for the ultra-left, which despises both Israel and a Christian America which supports it. As we’ve been exposing all week, Media Matters is filled to the gills with anti-Israel extremists – and all of those anti-Israel extremists despise Christians just as much.


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