Obama Advisor: Obama Will 'Certainly' Endorse Same-Sex Marriage 'After the Election'

Obama Advisor: Obama Will 'Certainly' Endorse Same-Sex Marriage 'After the Election'

Ryan Lizza, a Washington correspondent for The New Yorker, tweeted out a statement from a SENIOR Obama advisor today:

Sr. BO adviser to me re: BO endorsing gay marriage: BO “may get around to it before this election but he certainly will after the election.”

If true, I guess we’re once again learning what Obama has in mind after the election, when he has more “flexibility.”

There’s also news on the Twitter-nets that Obama’s going to or already has done an interview in order to clarify his position on same-sex marriage, you know, because the words “for” or “against” require a ton of explanation.

Gay people in favor of same-sex marriage should be furious with Obama right now. We all know he’s in favor of same-sex marriage, and rather than just come out and declare his position honestly, he’s stringing his gay supporters along. Talk about taking your voters for granted.

But we should all be furious with the president’s shenanigans. He’s lying in wait to not have to worry about getting reelected so he can spring his true agenda on us. This is twice now we’ve learned that Obama has secret plans for his second term.

Another gutsy call.


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