GOP Senate Candidate Brunner Praised Palin before He Dissed Her

GOP Senate Candidate Brunner Praised Palin before He Dissed Her

GOP Senate candidate John Brunner didn’t have much praise for former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, when he recently sat down with Breitbart editor Dana Loesch on her radio program. It was a complete 180 degree turnabout from applauding Palin’s courage and conservative leadership in a letter seemingly solicitous of her support only 30 days earlier.

Brunner replied “I look at these things and you look back and you think, oh, for crying out loud. You know what happens when you go to that level? You get everybody off message and when you get people off message, we have conservatives lose.”

Brunner all but called Palin a loser in the quote above. Contrast that with his words of praise in a signed letter from Brunner to Palin just one month ago. See here for pdf. Brunner wrote to Palin on April 9, 2012:

Like you, I am not an entrenched member of the political establishment, but an outsider. I have so watched you weather the storm, and I so admire the grace and resiliency that you show in the face of extreme left-wing attacks. And I know that you could live a far more quiet, peaceful life away from political mayhem … but you continue to step forward, because, you too, know that this country is worth fighting for!

It seems Brunner neglected to tell Palin the attacks would be coming from him, not the left, just a month later–all for political expediency, one would suppose. Nothing else would explain such a feckless about face from the Marine veteran in such a short time period. Perhaps he didn’t get the endorsement for which he was angling?

Brunner goes on in his April 9 letter to the former Governor:

Yours has been a consistent voice for conservative leadership, whether serving on the Oil and Gas comission in Alaska, standing up to special interests as Govenor, or running an inspired race alongside Senator McCain for the Vice Presidency. You have laid it all on the line for this country, and have inspired others to get involved.

While we can all salute Brunner’s former service as a Marine, unfortunately, there is nothing at all inspiring in his turning on Palin in such public fashion, especially after praising her at such length when angling for her support. There’s no way to know precisely where Brunner stands on Palin given his duplicitous actions in this case. While he may well be a fine man, he looks to have gotten himself in over his head with a bid for Senate.

Brunner should apologize to Palin for attempting to play her as he did by soliciting her support. Perhaps it’s understandable for a political rookie; however, it’s still unacceptable behavior for a former Marine and would- be Senator from Missouri. One can only imagine the unforced errors he might make against incumbent Clair McCaskill given his presumably politically motivated criticism of Palin just a month after praising her so profusely in soliciting support. Voters may not be able to ascertain who is the real John Brunner and which one is after their support. There are already enough of that type in Washington. Conservatives don’t need another one and can’t afford it, with the left on the attack.