Exclusive: SBA Slams Conformity of Progressive Women In New Ad

Exclusive: SBA Slams Conformity of Progressive Women In New Ad

I’ve wondered lately how the policies of a man can be used to measure a woman’s devotion to her own sex. I’ve also wondered how the ideology that preaches about choice can be so vehemently anti-choice when it comes to women with whom such ideologues disagree. These two quandaries are explored by the Susan B. Anthony List in a new web ad called “Womanhood” (see below).

The ad is a modeled as a humorous dystopian tale, but the scary thing about it is that it’s not a projection of abused power in future times–it’s real now.  

Welcome to the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity.

Independent thoughts are considered subversive.

Because all must agree with our Leader.

In the wake of progressives’s fabricated “war on women,” liberal pundits talked of “cutting off women’s ovaries” if they didn’t fall in line with prog thought on female entitlements. Women were told they’d “die on the floor” if they opposed abortion funding–ironically the #1 killer of women. 

In a statement accompanying the ad, SBA president Marjorie Dannenfelser remarked: 

The real “war on women” is the one being waged against women of faith and conscience. While this ad uses humor to make a point, the truth is that our rights are at stake. The Obama administration, their allies in Congress and the abortion lobby must end the assault on Life, conscience and religious liberty now.

Dannenfelser is right: the real “war on women” is the one currently waged by a party successful in convincing a number of women that power exists in victimhood, that choice equals the genocide of the subsequent generation’s females, that freedom lies in the tradeoff of liberty for convenience. Should you disagree with any of these patriarchal progressive tenets, you’re called a traitor to your sex. 

More importantly, conservative women aren’t just under attack for opposing entitlements, the proverbial apple in the garden of Eden. Their very free practice of religion is also at stake. Everyone’s is,in the name of the false cause of “female empowerment.” The fourth wave of feminism is about undoing the actions of the first wave, of moving women back under the control of men, one man in particular: Uncle Sam. If religious views are compromised in the process, so be it. The devotion to what isn’t in the Constitution is greater than the devotion to what’s actually in the Constitution. 

If conservative woman don’t push back, there will soon be no quarter and, who knows? What would it take for those progressives to make good on the rhetoric espoused today? When will the free practice of religion be banned for the sake of a government entitlement? When will conservative women lose societal privileges for refusing to carry the yoke of progressive victimhood? 

What we do in the next several months, and November especially, will decide not just an election, but the fate of the female sex in America. 


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