Pelosi: Forcing Military Chaplains To Perform Gay Marriages

Pelosi: Forcing Military Chaplains To Perform Gay Marriages

The stage is being set so that military Chaplains can and most likely will be ordered to perform same sex marriage in contradiction to their religious beliefs. 

WASHINGTON, May 22, 2012 ( – Democrat House leaders including Nancy Pelosi have opposed a measure to ensure military chaplains are not forced to perform same-sex “marriages,” arguing that it is based on a “manufactured crisis” and therefore unnecessary – a response strongly criticized by chaplain advocates.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday echoed sentiments issued by the Obama White House regarding the conscience language, part of a defense spending bill, saying that “there’s nothing that says that chaplains act against their faith.”

The result will be that chaplains of certain faiths abandon the military as they are forced to choose between violating their faith or being driven out for not performing such marriage ceremonies. 

What is required is the respect of certain long-established and broadly supported religious beliefs. We currently lack a White House and Democrat leadership capable of providing this respect. When Leftists empowered by big government meet religion, religion loses and is ultimately diminished in size and influence.

Pelosi and Obama need to be held accountable for it and not be allowed to slip away based on misleading arguments designed to give them the authority to dictate their own liberal agendas. 


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