Warren on Run from Press

Warren on Run from Press

Under siege over dubious claims of Indian ancestry, Elizabeth Warren slammed a car door in the face of reporters trying to ask her questions regarding what may now eventually become a campaign-ending controversy.

It was actually the third door slammed in the media’s face while fleeing a campaign event at SEIU 1199 offices in Dorchester. An aide also slammed two stairwell doors on reporters, as Warren, frantic to evade questions from a Boston Herald reporter, fled up the stairs before entering an SUV, slamming the door on reporters, and being driven off without delay.

This latest Warren debacle follows a previous on-camera encounter that went badly for the would-be Senate candidate. As she repeatedly fails to even respond to these questions, the storm around the issue shows no signs of abetting.

The final leg of Warren’s hasty retreat from the SEIU event was captured on video, sure to make news highlight reels around the state. The Herald originally broke the story of Warren’s genealogy problems and is now comparing her to an embarassed and embattled John Kerry when he was confronted with claims he docked a $7 million yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes.

Headline image source: Boston Herald


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