WI Recall: Five Reasons We Must Fight for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

WI Recall: Five Reasons We Must Fight for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

With all eyes on the Wisconsin recall election, most of the attention and resources have gone towards the main event: Republican Governor Scott Walker’s bid to fight off challenger Tom Barrett. Between the polls and the pulling back of last minute resources, it seems pretty clear Democrats are losing hope in their goal to unseat Walker. But as my colleague Dana Loesch pointed out this morning, in an effort to save face, Democrats are now turning their fire on Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.

For Democrats and public unions, defeating Kleefisch would largely be a symbolic victory. Their candidate, Democrat Mahlon Mitchell, a public union head, would have little power, little to do, and no influence whatsoever on how state government would run. The loss for our side, however, would be much more pronounced.

Here’s why…

1. Kleefisch is a Damn Good Lt. Governor: Throughout, Kleefisch has been a strong and loyal ally to Walker, not only when it came to backing the budget reform bill that started all of this, but also in the day-in-day-out work of being an effective “jobs ambassador.” Passing Walker’s reforms would’ve meant nothing without the fast and measurable results that followed, including in the arena of job creation — an area wherein the Lt. Governor is very proactive.

2. Kleefisch Is a Rising Star:  Though she’s conservative, young, articulate, charismatic, poised and a proud Tea Partier, Kleefisch has also weathered this recall storm in the national spotlight with charm, aplomb, and zero gaffes. She also has an extraordinary personal story: a cancer survivor, wife, journalist, and mother who points to her daughters when asked why she decided to run for state-wide office. Kleefisch’s electoral battle to the position of Lt. Governor was as much a fight against the establishment as it was against Democrats. What more can you ask for?

3. The Recall Defeat Must Be Total: Democrats, public unions, and their members must be taught a lesson June 5 — that attempting to overturn an election just because you lost the real one and don’t like the consequences of democracy is only going to mean loss of face and the waste of tens of millions of dollars. If anything good comes out of the Wisconsin recall efforts for the unions, nothing will stop Democrats from using anarchy, division, and violence again and again and again after every election that doesn’t go their way.

4. What Happens  In Wisconsin Matters In November: George W. Bush lost my beloved home state within the margin of fraud in 2000 and ’04. In ’08, Obama won the Dairy State by a whopping 14 points only to see a Republican sweep in the 2010 midterms. Democrats are openly calling June 5 a “dry run” for November in what could be the state that does or doesn’t deliver Obama a second term. But if next Tuesday, Republicans prove they’re as energized as they were in 2010, the best case scenario for Team Obama is that they’re forced to spend a lot of resources in a state they won easily just four years ago. The worst case scenario for the left is that they learn their craven activism woke a sleeping GOP giant and that we intend to stay awake through November.  

5. It’s All About Me: Come next Tuesday night I want to take to Twitter and mercilessly mock #WIUnion once and for all. Knowing that the very same people who caused so much turmoil and tension are now crushed and demoralized will make my month. And you can join me in the gloating — not that I’ll need help.

So how can you really help?

Dana again:

Today Michelle Malkin, Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics and ShePAC, and I are launching a #Rally4Rebecca money bomb to help the conservative, grassroots mom defeat big labor on June 5th. Will you help? Every bit counts.

There are also phone bank opportunities that allow you to help get out the vote in Wisconsin from anywhere, and you can help with donations. Any amount will make a difference, and don’t forget that a week is a lifetime in politics.


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