Tea Party Patriots Break from Campaigning to Observe Memorial Day

Tea Party Patriots Break from Campaigning to Observe Memorial Day

This week began with Memorial Day, and it was a sober reminder of what we are fighting for – in Wisconsin and across America.

“Save Wisconsin, Save the Country” is the slogan of the Tea Party Patriots campaign in Wisconsin to stop Washington lobbyists and professional agitators from seizing government power in Wisconsin with a $17 million recall election that nobody wants.

But the people who truly save the country are the men and women who put on the uniform and are willing to fight for and defend the country.

Our Tea Party Patriots volunteers, including Army Ranger Gregg from our Support Team, attended the Memorial Day services in Wausau, Wisconsin. Afterward, a WWII veteran approached them. They spoke for a while about the Tea Party Patriots volunteers who have come to Wisconsin to defend the state and defend the country, in our own small way. 

Afterward, he asked if our group would like to follow him to the grave site of his high school friend: the only Medal of Honor winner buried in the Wausau cemetery. Our Tea Party Patriots volunteers were honored to follow him. At the grave site, he spoke of his service, and of his friendship with the Medal of Honor winner who was buried there. 

I contrast this man, and his friend buried below, with the newest generation of Americans now fighting to defend what is great about America. 

“Nat” is 19 years old. He is from Springfield, Missouri and he has never been politically active. Until now. A little while back, he came across the local Tea Party Patriots group in Missouri. When they told him that they were coming to Wisconsin to help defeat the Washington lobbyists and professional agitators, Nat decided to join them. 

We are glad that he did. 

Nat is one of the many Tea Party Patriots grassroots activists who are now walking door-to-door in Wisconsin to let people know what’s at stake in the June 5 recall election. “Save Wisconsin, Save the Country” is not just a slogan. It’s the truth. Pictured above are some of the flyers Nat and other Tea Party Patriots volunteers are hand-delivering, door-to-door, in Wisconsin.

And, as much as Nat is enjoying his vital and important work in Wisconsin, June 5 can’t come fast enough for him. Why? Because there is a big Senate race in his home state of Missouri, and Nat can’t wait to back there and work on it. 

Another Patriot is born.