What Unemployment?: Obama To Attend 6 Fundraisers Today

What Unemployment?: Obama To Attend 6 Fundraisers Today

On the same day we learned the unemployment rate increased and job growth has stalled, Obama has decided to hob-nob with the Top 1% at six fundraisers – a record for Obama. 

Well, at least something is moving “Forward.” 

ABC News:

President Obama will jump-start what looks to be a major June fundraising push with six money events today in Minneapolis and Chicago – the most fundraisers he’s held in a single day since launching his bid for a second term.

Obama is expected to raise more than $7.2 million total for the Obama Victory Fund (OVF), according to figures provided by the campaign.

Flying to Minnesota under the banner of “official business” – an event at a Honeywell factory in a Minneapolis suburb – Obama will quickly turn to politics, lunching with three separate sets of donors at the downtown Bachelor Farmer restaurant, an eatery owned by Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s two sons, Eric and Andrew.

The president will first address a group of 100 guests, each paying $5,000 a plate. He then will meet privately with two small roundtables of deep-pocket supporters – one group paying $40,000 per person; the other $50,000 per person, a campaign official said. (The $50k ticket price is the largest for any Obama fundraiser held since the start of the campaign.) …

Longtime Democratic donors Paula and Jim Crown are sponsoring the second private event, hosting an expected 60 guests for dinner and a reception. Jim Crown is president of Henry Crown and Company, a private investment firm.

Jim Crown and Chaka Patterson are also among the Obama campaign’s 532 “bundlers,” or top volunteer fundraisers who give the legal maximum and get their friends and colleagues to do the same. Crown has bundled between $200,000 and $500,000 for Obama; Patterson has raised between $100,000 and $200,000.

With Friday’s events, President Obama will have attended a record-setting 146 re-election fundraisers for his campaign and the Democratic National Committee. (President George W. Bush held 86 fundraisers for his campaign and the RNC during all of 2003/2004.)

Full story here.

With any luck, the President might be able to squeeze in a golf game.

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