Senator Cornyn Calls For Holder To Resign

Senator Cornyn Calls For Holder To Resign

Just now Texas Senator John Cornyn told Attorney General Eric Holder he has no choice but to join the others who are calling on him to resign. That makes 125 officials calling for Mr. Holder’s resignation.

Senator Cornyn went through Mr. Holder’s track record, including Operation Fast & Furious. Senator Cornyn has been trying to talk to Mr. Holder about gunwalking in his state, but he has not answered him. He also pointed out how Mr. Holder won’t tell them what he knew and when he knew. He cannot provide the answers to the simple questions about Fast & Furious.

Chairman Senator Leahy quickly came to Mr. Holder’s defense and ended Senator Cornyn’s questioning. Mr. Holder responded by saying the senator’s track record is “almost breathtaking in its inaccuracy.” He went on to complain about being constantly asked about Fast & Furious and that he has absolutely no plans on resigning. After all President Obama still has confidence in him.

But now Mr. Holder said he is willing to work with Congress. Last week Mr. Holder told Rep Jason Chaffetz that he will not meet with anyone privately to just talk about the documents. But now that he is faced with contempt charges he is willing to meet with them.


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