Exclusive — Palin at RightOnline: The Revolution Starts with You

Exclusive — Palin at RightOnline: The Revolution Starts with You

The battle for America’s political future will be won online, and the late Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin – the former Alaska Governor, vice presidential candidate, and current North Star of grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers – were pioneers in understanding the power of the Internet in influencing political change and combating the mainstream media’s false narratives. 

On Friday night, at the Right Online conference in Las Vegas, Nevada – a two-day gathering of online conservatives put on by the dynamic conservative group Americans For Prosperity – Palin will give a keynote address in addition to honoring Breitbart and his legacy.

A source close to Palin with knowledge of her speech told Breitbart News that Palin “will be speaking about the importance of new media” because “she sees conservative bloggers and social media activists as the vanguard of the grassroots conservative movement.” 

After the 2008 elections, Palin was repeatedly mocked by liberals, those in the legacy mainstream media, and even Republicans for using Facebook and Twitter to go over the heads of these establishment institutions. Now, nearly everyone who initially mocked her Facebook posts and tweets regularly use Facebook and Twitter to get their message out. 

Twitter and Facebook have been integrated and ingrained in nearly everything that occurs in the political universe. In essence, they could not beat Palin, so they essentially joined her.

Yet, just this week, those in the legacy media like Juan Williams dismissed those in new media like Michelle Malkin as “just” bloggers and not “real” journalists. And MSNBC host Joe Scarborough characterized bloggers as people who just eat “Cheetos” in their basement and do not add anything to the political conversation. Williams and Scarborough, of course, seem to be oblivious to the fact that those in the new media world, in just the past month, have done the work the mainstream media refused to do in reporting on Attorney General Eric Holder’s “Fast and the Furious” scandal and Elizabeth Warren’s false claims about her Native American ancestry. 

To anyone who felt slighted by Scarborough’s “Cheetos” comment or Williams’ “just a blogger” comment, it will only be a matter of time before the likes of Scarborough and Williams will consider “just a blogger eating Cheetos” to be a badge of honor, much as the legacy media now embraces Twitter and Facebook.

The Right Online conference, which will include tributes to Breitbart’s legacy and an advance screening of “Occupy Unmasked,” a provocative and important film which exposes the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in which Breitbart posthumously plays a starring role, will be live-streamed here


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