No Fluke: Contraceptive Subsidy Activist Formally Endorses Obama

No Fluke: Contraceptive Subsidy Activist Formally Endorses Obama

Stop the presses. Sandra Fluke formally endorsed President Barack Obama this week in an opinion piece for CNN.

Fluke, the former Georgetown Law student and feminist activist who played into the Democrats’ made up “war on women” messaging strategy when she testified before Congress about her efforts to force Georgetown to pay for students’ birth control pills, against the beliefs of the Catholic institution, was assailed after her testimony. Later, proving that she wasn’t just an innocent law student, Fluke was represented by liberal public relations experts who were once a part of the Obama administration. 

She said when she was “verbally attacked” by critics, she “became even more keenly aware that the rights that generations of women fought so hard to achieve could be rolled back easily,” and the “national conversation” that ensued “highlighted President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney’s vastly different values and visions.”

“Instead of explaining how he would improve Americans’ access to health care, Romney says only that he would ‘repeal Obamacare’ and ‘kill it dead on its first day,'” she wrote.

Fluke continued with the liberal public relations and talking points. 

“At a time when women’s rights especially are under virulent attack, we cannot elect a leader who won’t or can’t stand up to those extremists and protect the rights that generations of women have fought so hard to ensure,” Fluke wrote. “But if we’re going to keep Obama in the White House, we need to get involved, get out the vote and do what Romney refuses to do on everything from fair pay to women’s rights: speak up. I’ll never stop speaking up, and I hope you’ll join me.”

Conservatives who are against Fluke’s version of feminism will not refrain from speaking up against her as well.