Romney Holds Lead Over Obama for Ten Days Straight

Romney Holds Lead Over Obama for Ten Days Straight

UPDATE: I’ve updated the headline to eleven. Today, Rasmussen has Romney up 48 – 44% over Obama. Romney inches towards the magic 50% number as Obama languishes.

This poll also takes into full account Obama’s cynical move to violate the law with respect to our policy regarding illegal immigration. No bump here, Mr. President. Just more bad news.

Anyone who is at all intellectually honest will tell you that Rasmussen Reports is not only one of the most reliable pollsters out there, but also an honest one. Which matters in this day and age, when Obama’s Media Palace Guards do their own polling and are regularly busted skewing samples to benefit Democrats (never Republicans). Rasmussen Reports is not only professional; it is currently one of the only pollsters using a tighter screen of likely voters as opposed to all or registered voters. This is important context when you discover that for 10 days running now, Rasmussen has shown former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with a small but consistent lead over President Obama:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Mitt Romney attracting 47% of the vote, while President Obama earns 44%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and another five percent (5%) are undecided.

This is the 10th straight day that Romney has held a modest advantage over the president.

People can complain about polling this early and say we have a long way to go, which is fair enough, but a small but steady lead over this amount of time is worth noting. What it mainly tells us is that Obama is stuck in the mid-forties, which is disastrous for an incumbent. The known quantity can’t budge his numbers and, unless the flailing Obama campaign can toxify Romney into something unelectable between now and November, Obama is going to lose.

Another reliable pollster, Gallup, is still using a registered voter screen, but has also showed Romney with a slight lead for a number of days until the two men tied things up yesterday.

While we political junkies live and breathe every twist and turn of the political daily grind, everyday Americans are too busy living their lives to pay attention right now. This is why there hasn’t been much volatility in the polls; but there has been a trend.

The graph just below the Real Clear Politics poll of polls shows that, since March 5, Obama’s numbers against Mitt Romney have been on a noticeably downward trend, while Romney’s numbers have — through fits and starts — trended up. This poll of polls shows Obama in the lead by less than a percentage point – again, an awful place for an incumbent to be at this point in the race.

Another awful place for an incumbent is averaging 45.7% overall against his opponent and sitting with an average job approval number of 47.4%. Since you can pretty much assume an incumbent will capture his job approval rating on election day, this is not a good sign for Team Obama.

Recent polls from the swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia — all states Obama won in ’08 — appear to be trending away from Obama, as well. The RCP average puts Obama ahead in some of these states, but against Romney, he’s below 50% in all of these states.

Team Obama and his media sycophants are legitimately worried. Panic was behind Obama’s unilateral decision Friday to violate his oath of office and no longer uphold the law regarding the deportation of around a million illegals. Panic was also behind the media’s decision to openly cheer this move. You also have NBC News further tarnishing its brand with more crazy stuff like this.

Meanwhile, Romney has allowed neither the media nor the Obama campaign to define him, and he just keeps on gaining ground talking about Obama’s miserably failed economic policies.


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