Obama Campaign E-Mail: 'We're Falling Behind'

Obama Campaign E-Mail: 'We're Falling Behind'

The Obama campaign is so frightened at this point that they have taken an unprecedented step.

They’re telling the truth.

In the latest of the “personal” e-mails that the Obama campaign is sending out, they don’t sugarcoat their appeal for money with saccharine stories about Obama shoveling snow for his wife, or working hard late into the night. They panic:

For the first time in modern American history, the incumbent (that’s us) will get outspent in a re-election campaign — by some estimates as much as 3-to-1.

Over the last 10 days of this month alone, GOP outside groups will spend $20 million attacking President Obama on TV.

Think about that, then think about what they’ll spend over the last 10 days in October.

We have to take this seriously. Four months to go in this election, and we have a huge fundraising deadline coming up in less than a week — any day we’re not chipping away at that disadvantage, we’re falling behind.

Please donate $3 or more today.

We don’t have billionaires writing $10 million checks, and right now, we can’t change the laws that allow the hijacking of our democracy by private money.

What we do have is more than 2 million donors grassroots giving an average donation of $51. Every day between now and November we can combat the huge spending advantage that our opponent and his allies have over regular people.

You can do that here:




Stephanie Cutter

Deputy Campaign Manager

Obama for America

Has anyone noticed that many of these personal e-mails mention the fact that there’s a big fundraising deadline in less than a week … and these emails have been sent for months now? Gotta get people panicked enough to donate money without thinking.

But then, Obama’s career has been based on getting people to vote for him without thinking too deeply; to make them vote based on an emotional response rather than considering the actual consequences of his policies.

But for a change, the panic he typically tries to engender in his constituents is being catalyzed by an internal panic in the campaign.

The veil is coming off the administration in every way, and the panicked, desperate, ruthless face of this administration is now exposed for everyone to see.


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