MoveOn Plays the Race Card Against Romney

MoveOn Plays the Race Card Against Romney

Subtlety isn’t exactly what is known for. A new Spanishlanguage ad set to run in Florida starting July 5th makes the case that apurge of Florida voter rolls is a racist plot to put Mitt Romney in theWhite House.



The Spanish ad is an expanded version of an English language adMoveOn created two weeks ago. The Spanish ad is 60 seconds, whereas theEnglish version is just 30. Both ads explicitly call the voter purgeracist:



On its website, MoveOn is hosting a petition asking Attorney GeneralHolder to block the purge of voter rolls. A button linking to thepetition on’s front page refers to the attempt to remove non-citizens from voter rolls as “Jim Crow 2.0.”

The DOJ did file an injunction against the purge but a Florida Judge rejected it because Governor Rick Scott had already suspended the activity.

Despite the heated rhetoric, a clear majority of Floridians support the removal of non-citizens from voter rolls. A Quinnipiac University poll in mid-June found the voter purge was favored by 60-35 percent.


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