Our President Is No Patriot

Our President Is No Patriot

On this Fourth of July, we should remember just how little President Barack Obama cares for America. He does not believe the United States is an exceptional nation in any unique sense. He refused to wear a flag pin as a gesture of dissent from national pride. He worshipped at a church that damns the country, and neither he nor his wife were proud of America until fellow Democrats elevated them to the top of the political heap.

Though the Declaration of Independence broke firmly with a foreign monarch, President Obama has eagerly bowed to foreign kings and emperors. He has abdicated America’s leadership in the world, and instead submitted our freedom to the decrepit judgment of the world’s dictators. Just this week, he apologized to a country whose soldiers opened fire on our own and which protected America’s greatest enemy for years.

President Obama does not believe that he serves us; he believes that Americans serve him–especially those in uniform, whom he describes as “fighting on my behalf.” His main ambition has been to make Americans more dependent on government, particularly the executive branch, whether in the care we receive from our doctors or the very food we put into our bodies. He demonizes or bullies into submission those who might defy him.

So little does Barack Obama care for the United States that he has eagerly undermined the nation’s unity in an attempt to hold onto power–casting aside the motto of E pluribus unum, which he once pretended to embrace. Though his ascent reflects the unique reality of the American dream, he seeks to destroy that dream for others, punishing success and urging those who have not yet succeeded to blame their fellow citizens. 

The cloistered, comfortable, and radical class from which President Obama derives his core political ideas believes that the only thing that is special about the United States is its wealth. They do not see that wealth as the outcome of a morally and economically superior system that values individual freedom above all. They see it as as a moral burden that emerges from an ongoing history of slavery, exploitation and imperialism.

They see the islands of poverty that persist in an ocean of prosperity as an indictment of the nation as a whole–a problem not to be addressed among citizens themselves, but by revolutionizing the entire system of government. They ensure that they themselves will be the chief beneficiaries, materially and politically, of the changes they impose–then dare to accuse their opponents of acting from motives of greed and self-interest.

And with all the unprecedented power President Obama has amassed, he refuses to execute the “duly constituted and passed” laws of Congress–and, worse, he presses the Supreme Court to re-write those laws by fiat. If Americans once looked to the judiciary as the last guardians of liberty, we now see the justices as politicians, acting to protect themselves and their masters rather than the liberties of our Constitution. 

The philosopher John Locke, whose ideas nourished the Revolution, wrote that the government had dissolved itself when “he who has the supreme executive power, neglects and abandons that charge” and when “there is no longer the administration of justice.” This July 4th, we must conclude that we have reached that point–and the only answer is the removal, in this November’s election, of the would-be tyrant who has made it so.


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