Black Unemployment Increases From 13.% to 14.4%

Black Unemployment Increases From 13.% to 14.4%

The long, sad faces you’re seeing from our corrupt media have nothing to do with the bad news the unemployed received this morning (my wife among them). Nope, the media is sad for Barack Obama because job creation in June was way below expectations and the overall trend is downward. Thanks to Obama’s failed policies, this great big beautiful country of ours created only 80,000 jobs last month, way below estimates that ranged in the 100,000 mark, some as high as over 150,000.

Hit hardest were the unemployed in the black community, where the unemployment rate increased from 13.6% in May to 14.4% in June. For black youths aged 16 to 19, the unemployment rate is now an astonishing 39.3%, up from 36.5%  last month.

After an increase from 10.3% to 11.0% in May, the unemployment rate among Hispanics remained stuck at 11.0% in June.

According to CNN this is the weakest job quarter in three years.

An important thing to remember  is that this new jobs report does not factor in the Supreme Court’s decision to ignore the Constitution and uphold ObamaCare. Now that this job-killing monstrosity is the law of the land, adding layers upon layers of new mandates, costs, and red tape upon businesses, who knows what effect that horrifying scream in the night will do to freeze employers in terror. They might just wait to see if Romney is elected and can repeal that cancer before they start adding any more positions.

Terrible day for American workers thanks to a terrible President and his terrible policies and a terrible media that never vetted him.


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