Gallup: Plurality (47%) of Americans Think Obamacare Will Hurt Economy

Gallup: Plurality (47%) of Americans Think Obamacare Will Hurt Economy

According to a new Gallup survey, 47 percent of those surveyed — a plurality — believed that the Supreme Court’s upholding of Obamacare as a tax would hurt the economy. Thirty-seven percent  of those surveyed thought Obamacare would help the economy and 17 percent had no opinion. 

Gallup noted that the “overall tilt toward the view” among Americans that Obamcare “will hurt the economy may be a liability for President Obama…”

This is why Obama and his allies in the mainstream media do not want to discuss Obamacare. After another disappointing jobs report for June, Americans are well aware that a massive middle class tax increase and more burdens, regulations, and uncertainty imposed upon small businesses and job creators are not ways to improve the economy. 

Mitt Romney has been timid in running against Obamacare because his advisers think it will distract from their focus on America’s slumping economy. What the Romney campaign seems to not understand is that healthcare, which Gallup estimates accounts for “between one-sixth and one-fifth of the U.S. gross domestic product,” is a huge part of the economy, and Obamacare inextricably ties Obama to not only an economy that is currently languishing but a future that is even more perilous. 


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