New Swing State Polls Show Why Obama's in Such a Panic

New Swing State Polls Show Why Obama's in Such a Panic

The media narrative and the Obama campaign narrative has been, per the usual, exactly the same. We keep hearing about how Obama’s dishonest attacks against presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney — which have been going on for somewhere around 11,484 unrelenting days now — are taking a real toll on Romney, especially in swing states.  

But, as is usually the case with Democrats and their Media Palace Guards, The Narrative doesn’t in any way resemble reality.  

The media is quite good at creating its own reality. This is an old trick. By creating a false reality, the media hopes to convince the majority that they are the ones in the minority, and by extension persuade them to come over to the dark-side.

This is why, even though there’s no evidence, we’re told time and again that these Bain/outsourcing attacks are destroying Romney, especially in those toss-up states where the Obama campaign is currently spending millions upon millions on ads that even media fact-checkers have declared untrue. If you thought that revealed a worried Obama campaign, things are now at Defcon 1.

Late last week, the Obama campaign literally flipped out when a top Obama campaign advisor, Stephanie Cutter, suggested Romney might have committed a felony. Then today, Debbie Wasserman-Swiss-Bank-Schultz doubled down with the felon charge.

When I hear desperation like that, my first question is, “What does Obama’s internal polling show?”

New polls released today might just help us to answer that question and shed some light on why Team Obama is sounding so shrill and desperate.

Purple Strategy has just released polls in four crucial swings states: Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Virginia. Best of all, unlike most pollsters, Purple Strategy offers the tighter and more reliable screen of Likely Voters, as opposed to Registered Voters or simply, Adults.

The bottom line in this data is that Obama is just barely ahead in three states, under 50 against Romney in all four, and has an upside down approval rating in all.

There’s cold comfort for Barack Obama in these numbers.

An incumbent under 50 and with a job approval nowhere near 50, is in real trouble:


Obama Job:  Approve: 46 — Disapprove: 49.

Obama: 48 — Romney 45


Obama Job:  Approve 43 — Disapprove 54

Obama: 45 — Romney 48


Obama Job: Approve 45 — Disapprove 51

Obama: 45 — Romney 44


Obama Job: Approve 45 — Disapprove 50

Obama 46 — Romney 44.

Nationally, according to the Real Clear Politics average, Obama is stuck at 46.6%, only two points ahead of Romney. Obama’s job approval averages out to a weak 47% — where it’s been forever now.

If you look at RCP’s poll of state polls, Romney is GAINING on Obama in these swing states, not falling farther behind.

Obama has no record to run on and therefore all he has left is slash, burn, lies, and destroy. And it doesn’t appear to be working — even with most of the media completely on his side, pushing his narratives, ignoring the economy, and keeping the focus all on Romney.

But even though this is the last month of the campaign in which Obama will enjoy a money and spending advantage over Romney nationally and in these swings states — he’s losing ground.

If things keep trending like this, by September Debbie Wasserman-Swiss-Bank-Schultz will stop screaming felon! and start screaming about how Romney funneled billions in taxpayer dollars to his political contributors or flooded Mexico with guns that killed hundreds of innocent Mexicans or spent the Fourth of July with a terrorist or told three dozen lies in his auto-biography or … oh, wait.



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