The Biggest Threat To The Right Is The Right

The Biggest Threat To The Right Is The Right

The DNC has just released an ad composed of Republicans joining the chorus of those demanding Romney release his tax returns. 

“More and more Republicans agree that Mitt Romney has not released more tax returns because he has something to hide,” the ad says.It then features video clips of prominent commentators from the right criticizing Romney’s decision. 

It’s a smart move to give cover to the Democrat demands and agree that your candidate comply with a non-existent mandate to satisfy Team Obama’s class warfare argument. 

“The cost of not releasing the returns are clear. Therefore, he must have calculated that there are higher costs in releasing them,” says George Will, in a clip from Sunday’s “This Week” on ABC.

With all due respect to George Will, with whom I’ve often appeared on ABC’s “This Week,”  I disagree. Will assumes there’s validity in the Obama campaign’s presupposition that Romney must be hiding something for not acquiescing to their demands..The higher cost in folding to a demand crafted in the war room of the DNC and nurtured by the media is simple: it shows America how easy you’ll capitulate. 

It’s John McCain 2008 all over again. McCain made cobblestones under his bus from the multitude of supporters targeted by the media. It was a successful strategy and made McCain look weak, which is why the Obama camp is repeating it this election cycle.Romney is not required by law to release anything more than he has — no more than Barack Obama, a former drug user and smoker, is not required to release his health records.

Democrats want Romney’s income history so they can wave it in front of the defecating, raping, pillaging Occupy base and further incite the Starbucks-swilling hipster campers carrying signs which read things like “EAT THE RICH” into more shenanigans. Sadly, it seems we have many on our own side willing to satisfy their needs. For what? Popularity? When has caving to the left ever made a conservative more popular? It makes them look like a joke. For “vetting”? It’s not “vetting” when one candidate is regularly misrepresented in the press and his entire life unearthed for headlines while we’re not even sure how the political career of his opponent even began. 

The Romney campaign should respond thusly: We’ll release the returns when the media releases the Rashid Khalidi tape. The media is four years past due on this “vetting,” so perhaps they should go first. 

It’s unbelievable that the same individuals who so strongly campaigned for a Romney presidential nomination — the same group who battled with other conservatives over his record — are now the same people who throw him under the bus before the first big fight with the media. This was the candidate you wanted, and when he finally listens to the guerilla grassroots and thumbs his nose at media demands, your response is to clutch your pearls and holler for smelling salts?

If this is going to be the response to every tactic employed by the media, then get ready to lose the election.You got your way and got your choice of candidate. Now get in it to win or get out of the game.


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