Obama Admin Stonewalling Public On Immigration Status Of President's Uncle

Obama Admin Stonewalling Public On Immigration Status Of President's Uncle

Judicial Watch obtained and published internal emails from senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials that showed President Barack Obama’s uncle, Onyango Obama, received a deportation stay.

In addition, the e-mails showed ICE officials deliberately stonewalled and misled reporters, such as those from the Boston Globe, and possibly Congressional officials as well on uncle Onyango’s immigration status, and gave Obama’s uncle favorable treatment. 

After these e-mails were published, Judicial Watch again pressed the Obama administration about the status of uncle Onyango’s case and were again stonewalled. 

As Judicial Watch noted:

We know that Uncle O still lives and drives in the Boston area but the Obama Administration refuses to reveal the next step. Will Homeland Security officials sit idly by while an illegal immigrant with a DUI roams freely? Judicial Watch spent a great part of the week trying to get answers by repeatedly contacting ICE officials in Washington D.C. The question JW posed was simple: What is the status of the Onyango Obama case? The public certainly has the right to know.

This is yet another example of uncle Onyango receiving favorable treatment. He had a valid Massachusetts drivers license, which was reinstated after having been suspended after he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He also had previously been deported to Kenya and threatened to call the White House after he was arrested by immigration authorities. And ICE has allowed him to reopen his deportation proceedings that have been closed since 1992, something that rarely happens for those who are not blood relatives of the president of the United States.


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