NBC Uses D+11 Poll to Find Obama Up by 6

NBC Uses D+11 Poll to Find Obama Up by 6

Serious question: Does NBC just think we are all idiots? Have they been under a rock for the last decade and not realize that they no longer can control the information we hear? Do they think they can breathlessly report that their latest poll has Barack Obama leading Romney by 6-points and not mention that they are using a D+11 sample? Its only July. What games will they play in October? Use polls that only sample French adults?

Today, NBC/WSJ released their latest poll on the presidential contest. They “find” that Obama is leading Romney by 6-points, 49%-43%. They use this finding to opine a great deal about the current state of the presidential campaign. What they don’t report, however, is that their poll sample is way overweighted for Democrats. Their sample is D+11, 46% Democrat, 35% Republican–a level we haven’t seen in the electorate since the post-Watergate GOP meltdown. 

In 2008, the electorate identified as D+7. Does anyone want to wager that the electorate will be MORE Democrat this election than four years ago? Bueller? Bueller?

To a certain extent, I love when the media juices their own polls to make themselves feel better. I would much rather them go into the election filled with images of unicorns and pixie dust than cold hard political reality. But, the political professional in me thinks, “Are you kidding me?” You have to game a poll to levels we haven’t seen in modern elections and you still have Obama under 50% and up by only 6-points? 

Obama is toast, no matter how much the corrupt media tries to prop him up. You’ve been warned. 

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