$465 for Amnesty: Obama to Make Illegals Legal Before Election Day

$465 for Amnesty: Obama to Make Illegals Legal Before Election Day

There’s no question America’s immigration policy, especially with respect to Mexico, is a mess and in need of reform. The lines are too long and the process is something Kafka might have designed. And as someone who would definitely sneak across any border if it meant a better life for myself and my wife in America, I have no desire to deport the illegals currently among us who have stayed out of trouble and truly embraced the American dream. There’s a way to make this work (but only after we forever seal the border).

But as someone married to a woman born in Mexico, who as a young woman waited in line and followed the law to earn a citizenship she cherishes more than almost anything — the thought of allowing line-jumpers is maddening enough. But for Obama to do this for divisive, cynical, political reasons — that he is CHOOSING to ignore the law of the land he swore an oath to uphold — is perfectly outrageous.

And now, in a climate where Americans and Mexicans who are here legally alike can’t find jobs, Obama has moved into the second phase of his cynical power grab by granting what can only be defined as amnesty for a measly $465:

The Department of Homeland Security today announced details of the application and approval process for the DREAM Act-like program, outlining specific eligibility requirements and a $465 fee. It will begin Aug. 15.

Illegal immigrants younger than 30 who came to the United States before age 16, have lived here for at least five years continuously, attend or have graduated from high school or college, and have no criminal convictions are eligible to submit requests for so-called deferred action (legalese for an official exemption from deportation).

The administration said documentation provided by each applicant will be reviewed individually on a case-by-case basis at one of four service centers run by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.  It’s unclear how long each review will take, but some immigrants are expected to receive temporary legal status before Election Day.

While the “dreamers” will not obtain a path to citizenship or the right to vote, Obama’s policy shift – circumventing Congress with executive action – has been widely seen as a politically motivated nod to Hispanics who have long sought the change.

In the creation of this country, Founding Father John Adams declared that America must be a “nation of laws, not of men.” But like most things “American,” Obama just doesn’t get that or seeks to forever undermine it.

While in spirit I’m probably closer to Obama when it comes to immigration issues than many of my conservative friends, what is unforgivable is the president of the United States usurping the law rather than doing the hard work to change it.  

Polls say that the people are on Obama’s side when it comes to his illegal DREAM Act move, which means that his decision to break the law as opposed to change it reveals just what a lazy failure of a leader he really is.

Also of note: The writer of this ABC News piece, Devin Dwyer, uses the term “undocumented immigrant” as opposed to “illegal.” Yep, the Left issues the Orwellian language rules and the media can’t jump fast enough.

Tax increases are “investments,” abortion is “choice,” and propaganda is “objective reporting.”


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