Romney-Hood: Obama Gets Robin Hood Legend Completely Wrong

Romney-Hood: Obama Gets Robin Hood Legend Completely Wrong

Here’s Obama yesterday at a swank fundraiser in Connecticut. Per the usual, Obama packs more dishonesty into two minutes than one would ever think possible. Obama even misleads on the Robin Hood legend. But when you consider the state of our government-run schools, it’s easy to assume you can get away with such a thing:


TRANSCRIPT: Last week an independent non-partisan organization crunched the numbers; they went through what it would mean to add a five trillion-dollar tax cut. Just to give you a sense of perspective here — our entire defense budget is a little over $500 billion per year, but it’s less than six hundred. So you’re talking about — each year — a tax cut that is the equivalence of our defense budget, for the next ten years.

What this policy center did, they just ran the numbers. If you actually wanted to pay for that, what would that mean? And they determined that Governor Romney’s plan would effectively raises taxes on middle class families with children by $2,000 — to pay for this tax cut. Not to reduce the deficit, not to invest in things that grow our economy — like education or roads or basic research. He’d ask the middle class to pay more in taxes so that he could give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year.

It’s like Robin Hood in reverse — it’s Romney-hood. …

They have tried to sell us this trickle-down, tax cut fairy dust before — and guess what? It doesn’t work.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. It’s not a plan to create jobs, it’s not a plan to reduce our deficit, and it’s not a plan to move our economy forward.


1. This so-called non-partisan study was co-authored by a former member of Obama’s economic team. The study also assumes Romney would raise taxes on the middle class and ignores how a growing economy can increase tax revenues.

2. Obama says tax cuts don’t create economic growth, spending on roads and education and research do. Are you going to believe your lying eyes or our lying president? According to Obama, the Reagan years were a flop and his trillion-dollar spending binge was an epic success.

3. Robin Hood didn’t rob from wealthy private citizens to give to the poor. Robin Hood robbed from the Obamas and Pelosis and the Harry Reids of his time — he robbed from overbearing, power-hungry big government bureaucrats who over-taxed private citizens and business owners to feather their own nests and pay off Solyndra and unions their cronies.

Robin Hood gave the people back money stolen from them by corrupt, greedy, selfish, statist government officials.

Obama is no Robin Hood, he’s the Sheriff of Nottingham –he’s the reverse-Robin Hood stealing from The People to feed The Government.

By the way, where are our media fact-checkers on all of this? Oh, yeah, too busy calling Romney a liar for saying a president who didn’t go to Israel didn’t go to Israel.



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