The Price of Conservatism: Ask Gibson Guitar and Sheldon Adelson

The Price of Conservatism: Ask Gibson Guitar and Sheldon Adelson

In the summer of 2011, Gibson Guitar was raided by armed DOJ agents in what many believed was a shot across the bow: a warning to conservatives like Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz that Big Brother was watching. (Although Gibson was eventually charged with violating a law that bans the importation of endangered plants and wood products, and paid a $300,000 settlement over the breach, it’s really not the kind of thing you send agents with machine guns in to handle.)

And now it’s election season, and the stakes are quite higher, so it appears Obama’s DOJ has a found a new entity to rattle: namely, Las Vegas Sands Corp., which happens to belong to Sheldon Adelson, one of the biggest donors to Gov. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.  

Presently, there a widening financial gap between Romney and President Obama. It is a gap that puts Romney far ahead of Obama as far as money goes, and it appears that that will not be tolerated. 

Thus, as the Washington Examiner pointed out, about the same time the Obama campaign released the following plea, “If we don’t step it up, we’re in trouble, because we’re up against billionaires and super PACS,” the DOJ was opening an investigation into Adelson’s company that seems intended to send a message to Romney donors.

It should be pointed out that the DOJ apparently has no dirt on Adelson, other than his support for Romney, thus Adelson’s company is being investigated but Adelson himself faces no charges. 


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