Planned Parenthood Triumphs, Komen Founder Steps Aside As CEO

Planned Parenthood Triumphs, Komen Founder Steps Aside As CEO

The Democratic Party’s and Obama administration’s cynical attack on Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the country’s leading breast cancer foundation, has reaped its final victims: the top executives of the foundation itself.

Yesterday, Nancy G. Brinker, the founder of Komen, stepped down as CEO. Brinker started Komen after she made a promise to her sister, who died of breast cancer. She had worked with both liberal and conservative presidents. And now she’s stepping into an advisory role.

Brinker will be accompanied in exile by President Liz Thompson and two other board members.

They’re all casualties of a carefully-calibrated attempt by the Obama administration to use Komen as a target in its “Republican war on women” campaign. The week before the press broke the story about Komen’s disassociation with Planned Parenthood, the Obama administration announced its policy preventing religious exemptions for contraceptive health care.

After the blowback began, the Obama administration quickly jumped on Komen, claiming that they were part of the “war on women,” since they wouldn’t be granting cash to Planned Parenthood. The fact was that Komen had better use for its cash – Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. But the Democrats condemned Komen for cutting ties, stating that Komen was politically motivated. All of this despite the fact that Komen has never taken a dime of government money. The same Obama who thought Sandra Fluke deserved a phone call because she was a “private citizen” after testifying in Congress allowed his lackeys to attack Komen.

Eventually, Komen backed down, and apparently threw policy chief Karen Handel under the bus; Handel was a former Georgia gubernatorial candidate who had been against public funding of Planned Parenthood. She was one executive among many, and was not the leader of the organization. Nonetheless, she left the organization amid celebration by leftists.

Komen told Breitbart News today, “Nancy Brinker has been the driving force of Komen and I’m glad the organization will continue to have the benefit of her vision on the board’s executive committee.  Liz Thompson was instrumental in establishing Komen’s global footprint and in strengthening Komen’s research program. I wish both Nancy and Liz well and know that Komen will continue to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.”

Brinker’s decision to step aside is undoubtedly due to fundraising problems in the aftermath of the controversy. Leftists who pretended to care about breast cancer, but truly cared about Obama’s 2012 election chances and Planned Parenthood, likely haven’t filled the fundraising gap Komen experienced after they reneged on their commitment to move away from Planned Parenthood.


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