David Brock's Super PAC Releases Opposition Research Book on Paul Ryan

David Brock's Super PAC Releases Opposition Research Book on Paul Ryan

David Brock, head of the progressive, left-wing media “watchdog” group Media Matters, has released an opposition research book on Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan through Brock’s super PAC American Bridge 21st Century.

Brock’s American Bridge super PAC is also tied to Bill Burton’s super PAC, Priorities USA. As you may recall, Priorities USA recently ran an ad accusing Mitt Romney of killing Joe Soptic’s wife, a claim also tied directly to the Obama campaign.  Due to initial lackluster fundraising by both Brock’s and Burton’s super PACs, they combined to form American Priorities Joint Fundraising Committee.  Obama’s super PACs have no problem getting into the campaign mud.

Be on alert when Brock’s “research” hits the mainstream media on TV, internet, and print journalism. The Daily Caller revealed back in February a list of media figures eager to get Brock’s message out to the public under the guise of “news.”

MSNBC: “If we published something about Fox in the morning, they’d have it on the air that night verbatim.”

Washington Post: “Greg Sargent [of the Washington Post] will write anything you give him. He was the go-to guy to leak stuff.” “We’ve pushed stories to Eugene Robinson and E.J. Dionne [at the Washington Post].” “they knew they could dump it at Plum Line [Greg Sargent’s Washington Post blog], so that’s where they sent it.”

Huffington Post: “The HuffPo guys were good, Sam Stein and Nico [Pitney],” remembered one former staffer. “The people at Huffington Post were always eager to cooperate…”

LA Times: “Jim Rainey at the LA Times took a lot of our stuff”

San Francisco Chronicle: “So did Joe Garofoli at the San Francisco Chronicle.”

The New York Times:  “Brian Stelter at the New York Times was helpful.”

Politico/Buzzfeed: “Ben Smith [formerly of Politico, now at BuzzFeed.com] will take stories and write what you want him to write,” explained the former employee, whose account was confirmed by other sources.”

Below is the copy of Brock’s marching orders to the media about Paul Ryan. 

American Bridge Paul Ryan Research Book

Well-known for his erratic behavior, willingness to publish anti-semitic propaganda and anti-christian animus, Brock is on record announcing that he wants to be a “kingmaker in Democratic politics” and that he hopes his American Bridge super PAC will “be the liberal analogue to American Crossroads — which would make [him] the liberal analogue to Karl Rove.”

Watch for more updates on David Brock’s interference in the presidential election campaign here at Breitbart News.





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