Akin Leads McCaskill In Latest Polls

Akin Leads McCaskill In Latest Polls

Claire McCaskill once seemed like a Democrat senatorial powerhouse — but that was before Missouri turned on the far-left big spending policies she rubber-stamped for President Obama. Her allegiance to Obama over her constituents has come at a hefty price: McCaskill is trailing Akin in the latest polls

RCP Average 5/24 – 8/12 48.0 43.0 Akin +5.0
SurveyUSA* 8/9 – 8/12 585 LV 51 40 Akin +11
Rasmussen Reports 7/30 – 7/30 500 LV 47 44 Akin +3
Post-Dispatch/Mason-Dixon 7/23 – 7/25 625 LV 49 44 Akin +5
PPP (D) 5/24 – 5/27 602 RV 45 44 Akin +1

It’s one of the most important races in the country this cycle and will prove a brutal one, with Akin upping the energy and force in recent ads detailing the incumbent’s failures.

As evidenced by the recent numbers, McCaskill didn’t win any hearts when she recently suggested that Missouri voters were “dangerous” and “outside of mainstream” with their support of candidates who proposed limited government policies. 


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