Book: Obamacare Designed to Create 21 Million Union Jobs

Book: Obamacare Designed to Create 21 Million Union Jobs

In an explosive new book revealing the depth of the corrupt dealmaking between unions and the Obama Administration, the insidious plot to use ObamaCare to unionize 21 million healthcare workers in his second term is finally laid completely bare. “Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind” is authored by Mallory Factor, a major power broker who has chaired the Economic Roundtable for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, led the 2009 Economic Summit for the U.S. House Republican Conference and Policy Committee, served on the Council on Foreign Relations, and co-founded the Monday Meeting, a nationally-recognized gathering of elected officials, journalists, business leaders and conservative authors.

Factor exposes the unions’ illicit alliance with Barack Obama in no uncertain terms. Only 10% of healthcare workers are presently union members, and the scheme for the unions to take over the healthcare system was being hatched as early as late 2008, when Obama was not even president yet and was forming his transition team. Dennis Rivera of the SEIU, who later became Obama’s point man in putting together the coalition to pass ObamaCare, sent a memo to the Obama transition team pledging the unions’ support for passing healthcare legislation.

This begged the question: why would the unions support ObamaCare when most unions negotiate for the super-expensive “Cadillac” plans for their members? In some cases, unions even directly profit by negotiating for contracts that force states to purchase health insurance for government workers from union affiliated insurance companies. In Wisconsin, for example, buying insurance from a union affiliated provider (WEA Trust) cost the state at least $68 million more than the state’s own health care plan for other government workers.

Factor provides the answer to the mystery by revealing what was in Rivera’s memo: it stated that there were only 17.6 million health care jobs currently, but that the Bureau of Labor Statistics had projected that the nation would need 3.5 million more health care workers over the next few years and suggested that stimulus spending be spent for training new health care professionals with the involvement of unions like the SEIU in the training.

$10 billion in federal funds will be available over two years through the economic stimulus package for use in the health care workforce development initiative … Priority would be given to joint labor-management training and job placement initiatives, and consortiums involving nursing school, community colleges and worker organizations [i.e., labor unions].

For every million additional health care workers unionized in the 27 non-right-to-work states, the unions would reap $1 billion in dues.

That’s quite a payoff.

Things were going smoothly until Obama attempted to have his cake and eat it too; his administration proposed paying for some of the cost of Obamacare with a tax on the “Cadillac” plans that were enjoyed by many union members.

The unions balked, so Obama came up with a neat solution: Obama promised the unions a seven-year moratorium on taxing the Cadillac plans–long enough for the unions to find a legislative solution to make sure that the tax on the plans never went into effect. That backroom deal in delaying the taxing of Cadillac plans increased the cost of Obamacare and cost the American taxpayers a cool $120 billion.


Now where could Obama hide that huge amount of money he lost? One way was to make deeper cuts to Medicare Advantage, which allows seniors to receive benefits from private insurers.

Nothing like pushing Granny over a cliff.

Just how slanted is ObamaCare toward the unions? Over half of Obamacare waiver beneficiaries are union members, even though just 13% of American workers are represented by unions, and 10 of the top 12 recipients of ObamaCare were either unions or public employee groups.

If there were any doubt just which group will be running the United States if Obama is reelected, that doubt has vanished. And Shadowbosses, which not only tackles the unions’ unholy alliance with ObamaCare  but also strips bare the entire union agenda for taking over the nation, is a chilling and utterly compelling book that will finally alert the American people to the greatest internal threat to their liberty.



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