Akin Fallout: MO Men Flee from Romney

Akin Fallout: MO Men Flee from Romney

Today, Rasmussen Reports has released a presidential poll run in Missouri on August 22.  The poll indicates alarming movement in the Obama/Romney horse race resulting from MO’s GOP senate nominee Todd Akin’s controversial remarks. Clearly, there has been collateral damage.

Before Akin’s remarks hit the airwaves and consequent media frenzy erupted, Romney led Obama 50% to 44%.  However, one month later, Romney has not only lost his lead and dropped 4%, but Obama now has 1% advantage. The campaign might have expected a bounce from the announcement of Paul Ryan as the vice-presidential pick, but that bounce is impossible to quantify now.

Where are Romney’s losses? He has lost 9% of the male vote. In July, we saw Romney with 58% of the male vote. The latest numbers show that Romney’s male support has dropped to 49%.  Obama has picked up 5% of Romney’s losses.

With these new developments, it will be difficult for the left to spin Akin’s remarks as part of the “GOP war on women.” Romney’s support among women is consistent before and after the Akin affair, 44% support him now and 44% supported him in July.

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