Team Obama: 'America Doesn't Need a Birther-In-Chief'

Team Obama:  'America Doesn't Need a Birther-In-Chief'

The video below just released from Team Obama, has nothing to  do with America or swaying voters; it’s chum for Obama’s sycophant punks in the media:


Every day and in every way, the Obama campaign and his media minions ask themselves one simple question: How can we run out the clock and avoid talking about the issues and the failing economy in order to drag this failure over the finish line?

And don’t you dare blame Mitt Romney for creating a distraction.

Oh no! Now the media’s slamming Romney as an out-of-touch Mormon freak instead of talking about the economy and issues!

Yeah, because they weren’t doing that before.

All I know is that for a few hours after the birth certificate crack, the corrupt media stopped using that idiot in Missouri as a way to declare Romney-Ryan as soft on rape. So I’m failing to see the downside.

Since all the media is interested in is locating and creating and amplifying distractions, I’m all in favor of Team Romney exerting some control over what those distractions are.

And if Romney’s goal with the birth certificate quip was to expose the media as overreaching hysterics and Barack Obama as overreaching and humorless — mission accomplished.

Side note: If you watch the video, to the left of Romney you’ll see someone in the cheering crowd wearing a “Breitbart Is Here” shirt.

Indeed he is.


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