Democrats Make Comical Error At The RNC

Democrats Make Comical Error At The RNC

Democrats, in a case of unintentional hilarity, made a comedic gold error with their attempt to fly a banner above the RNC this week:

Brad Woodhouse bragged about its awesomeness on Twitter.

This apparently is the only fail from the left in recent weeks: couldn’t differentiate between “then” and “than.”

The Hulkish quasi-declension is further proof that Democrats are descending into LOLcat-speak moving into November. Some suggestions for future Democrat plane banners:

Support Are Publlk Skools! (From John Nolte)

DEMAND RESPECT!! (plane shaped like a vagina) 

Sweep the 57!

We love Oiho!!!

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

(Twitchy has catalogued even more.)


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