Obama Sand Sculpture at DNC Damaged by Rains

Obama Sand Sculpture at DNC Damaged by Rains

A 16 foot tall sand sculpture of President Obama “officially sanctioned” by the DNC and commissioned by the Myrtle Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau was damaged by rain yesterday. Workers hurried to recreate the right elbow of the statue and fill in pockmarks left across its front by heavy storms.

It was an ominous beginning to the DNC, which officially opens on Monday. Pre-convention events started on Friday.

Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” ridicule at last week’s RNC has already damaged the President’s pop culture image significantly. Now, the majestic narcissism of the Greek columns at the 2008 DNC is contrasted with the unstable “house built upon sand” imagery this weekend’s storm left upon the 2012 DNC’s Obama sand castle. The President’s popular image appears to be fading as fast as that four year old “Hope and Change” poster in the bedroom of the college graduate back at home after being unable to find a job. 

In a world where political fortunes rise and fall based upon pop culture imagery, the Obama campaign’s hubris in creating this failed attempt to treat President Obama like the other American icons on Mount Rushmore may lose him a few more electoral college votes in November. 


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