Racism Alert: 'Vote Black' Buttons At The DNC

Racism Alert: 'Vote Black' Buttons At The DNC

One of my favorite things about conventions — either party — are the enthusiastic sartorial choices of many delegates. This year’s DNC was no different, except for these pins:

Is this a progressive attempt to be humorous? You can never tell, with these people. They’re up in arms simply because Erick Erickson cracked wise over the incessant pitches for free birth control due to sexual recreation, so you never know. (They’re ignoring that I reTweeted it so they can say it’s sexist.) I’m going to take them at their word and assume that they only want black Americans for president now. 

According to the Progressive Guidebook to Political Correctness, this constitutes Racism™. Salon’s Joan Walsh will be pulling out her dog whistle any moment now, surely. 


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