Citizens United Movies Remind DNC of Obama, 'Occupy' Failures Before Obama Speech

Citizens United Movies Remind DNC of Obama, 'Occupy' Failures Before Obama Speech

Hours before President Barack Obama attempts to make the nation fall in love with his rhetoric again, Stephen K. Bannon’s “The Hope and The Change,” which Sean Hannity said was the most powerful documentary he had ever seen, will be screened during the Democratic National Convention at 3 p.m in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille. 

The movie follows the noon showing, at the same location, of “Occupy Unmasked,” which stars the late Andrew Breitbart as he dismantles the notion that the radical “Occupy” movement was nonviolent and organic. 

“The Hope and The Change” interviews Democrats and independents from swing states like Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado who fell hard for Obama’s rhetoric in 2008. In 2012, they will not vote for him because Obama’s broken promises and failed policies have left them devastatingly worse off than they were.

“The Hope and The Change” is a sober reminder for those watching Obama’s speech tonight that Obama often falls short of his lofty rhetoric. 

Breitbart Is There: Occupy Unmasked

Another movement that fell far short of the mainstream media hype has been the “Occupy” movement, and “Occupy Unmasked” exposes the left for what it is.  

The movie depicts the radical and violent nature of those associated with the “Occupy” movement and how they used unsuspecting liberals and college students as pawns in their scheme to destroy the U.S. government. It also is an indictment of the mainstream media that often refused to cover the more seedy and sinister aspects of the movement. 

The “Occupy” movement, largely due to the pressure Andrew Breitbart put on it, has fizzled and its presence in Charlotte is nothing compared to what it was two years ago.

Citizens United produced both movies. 

Obama and Democrats have proposed a constitutional amendment to restrict political speech and overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case because of devastating films like “Occupy Unmasked” and “The Hope and Change.” Both films have gone over the heads of the mainstream media to tell Americans what the mainstream media omits from its coverage of liberals and Obama. 


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