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Gingrich: 'These Are Acts of War'

Gingrich: 'These Are Acts of War'

Responding to the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American diplomats on the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich asserted:

No American should be confused about the fact that these attacks were directed by enemies who hate us and who are determined to defeat us. It is a tragedy that so many of our elites refuse to acknowledge this fundamental reality.

In his signature manner, Gingrich clearly articulated the emotions of many Americans who are weary of an administration whose foreign policy seems based primarily in fear of conflict and political correctness. In his Newt Gingrich Letter, the former Speaker said, “The American people are angry at those who kill our diplomats, attack our embassies, burn our flag, and demand we censor ourselves to avoid offending them.”


Gingrich referred to the attacks as a coordinated effort to “humiliate” the United States. According to Byron York of the Washington Examiner, Gingrich said, “If there are simultaneous outrages in both Egypt and Libya on 9/11, it was a deliberate, planned insult to the United States. No one in the country should be confused about the coordination, the viciousness, and the determination to humiliate the U.S.”

The former presidential candidate further charged that the apologies to the “fanatics” from the Obama embassy in Cairo are “insulting beyond belief.” Gingrich asserted that those who apologized “should be fired tomorrow summarily” and that “Congress should pass resolutions condemning the State Department statements and calling on the president to stand up for America.”

This concept of “senseless violence” is at the heart of the left’s refusal to confront the reality of radical Islamists. These are not acts of senseless violence. These are acts of war. 




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