SF Occupiers Abandon Camp to Homeless Occupants

SF Occupiers Abandon Camp to Homeless Occupants

Remaining Occupiers in San Francisco have decided to abandon their camp and let it collapse under its own weight. They’ve grown tired of being overwhelmed by vagrants who take up space but don’t contribute anything to the movement.

A camper named Michael defends abandoning the camp: “In our movement, you have the bong and backrub crowd, and you have the handshake and information crowd.” Michael is one of the latter, apparently. While he believes everyone, even the homeless, should be encouraged to participate in the movement, he also knows the camp’s message gets drowned out. Just four of the 20 or so people staying at the camp are protesters.

A worker passing the site on his lunch break was not impressed with what he saw: “If they’re trying to make a point, it’s not working very well.” One occupier who comes down daily to hand out literature says only “every 50th person takes one of my handouts these days.”

This is how forlorn the Occupy movement has become. They wish the homeless occupying their space would move on so they could get back to the business of revolution. Nothing in the Chronicle article suggests Michael or his fellow occupiers are aware of the irony of their situation. The passing worker put it best: “C’mon guys, let’s move on.”


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