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Biden Fundraises Off Romney's '47%' Comments

Biden Fundraises Off Romney's '47%' Comments

On Sunday in a fundraising e-mail titled, “So Profoundly Wrong,” Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday sought to capitalize on comments Mitt Romney made about the 47% of Americans who do not pay federal income tax. The comments were made at a fundraiser in Florida, which were secretly filmed and leaked to the left-wing Mother Jones

What Biden did in his e-mail, was concede the election between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be about two contrasting visions of the role of government in people’s lives. 

“Here’s a sign that a candidate isn’t looking out for your interests,” Biden writes. “He point-blank says it.

Biden then writes: 

To some of his wealthiest donors, Mitt Romney said that about 47 percent of the country sees themselves as victims. He went on to say: “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

How could he be so profoundly wrong about America? This is not a country of victims. It’s one where, when people get knocked down, they get back up. There’s absolutely no quit in America.

We haven’t even voted yet, folks, and these guys have written off half of the country. Think about how that’d play out over the next four years — scary stuff. 

We know what and who we’re fighting for. 44 days to go. 

Romney, though he may not have parsed his words the way he would have had he known he was being filmed, was essentially talking about campaign tactics — how people who do not pay income taxes will probably not be motivated to vote for a candidate promising to cut taxes and how 2012 was an election in which nearly 95% of the country has already decided for whom to vote. 

And while the Obama campaign tries to paint Romney as heartless, Romney’s 2011 tax returns showed he and his wife Ann donated a greater percentage of their significant income than the Obamas. 

What Biden doesn’t mention is the Obama campaign, as Romney said at a campaign event, has actually attempted to divide America, smashing it apart and trying to piece together 50% + 1 to win the narrowest of victories. 

“I know a guy who wholeheartedly disagrees with Romney’s world view,” Biden writes. “He’s a guy who passed health care reform that touches the lives of every single American out there, a guy who brought our troops home from Iraq.”

Yet, in a remarkable concession, Biden says the president who “wholeheartedly disagrees with Romney’s world view” and wants to increase government dependency is “in the toughest election of his life.”

Obama has the mainstream media establishment firmly behind his candidacy, distracting and deflecting for him by discussing campaign tactics and Romney’s 47% comments instead of Obama’s failures in the Middle East and his terrible economy. The mainstream media, which purportedly cares so much about poverty and impoverished Americans, rarely profiles or gives voice to struggling Americans in Obama’s economy to protect obama.

And still, Obama is in the the “toughest election of his life” because Americans are not buying his worldview that is “wholeheartedly” different from Romney’s.

In August alone, 368,000 people left the workforce because they gave up hope they could find a job. A record number of Americans are on food stamps and Obama’s policies will only serve to make it harder for those who do not pay income taxes to climb up the so-called ladders of opportunity and become more self-reliant. The country’s unemployment rate has been above 8 percent for a record 43 consecutive months. 

And liberal policies Obama and Biden support will only serve to increase the number of Americans who do not pay income taxes while Republican policies will actually allow more jobs to be created and, as a result, lessen the percentage of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes. 


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